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Frequently Asked Questions about Zante Raisins

Why Zante Raisins Are Different From Other Raisins?

The soil composition and the Mediteranean climate (hot summers without rain) are factors that favoring the cultivation of grapes in Zante.
The Mediterranean climate and its proximity to the sea are the necessary elements for growing grapes.
The result is to produce an agricultural product of exceptional quality and nutritional value, with a distinctive flavor and aroma.

What's the Cultivation Process to The Final Product?

*December-January.: Pruning the plant, removing the stems. On the plant remaining 7-9 shoots, who pruned in the third knot (eye) of each rod.
*February-March.: When weather permits, becomes the first plowing.
*April-May.: Spray the plant once the shoots become 15cm, from April 15 until the end of May, to achieve the development of the grape.The sprays are with copper and sulfur. In late May and the place + + +
*June-July.: Remove non-fruiting shoots.
*August: From the beginning to the end of August is the time of harvest and natural drying of raisins.The drying is done on threshing fields and raisins spread over raisin’s sheets.
Remaining 10-15 days in the sun to dry (depending on weather conditions).
Then remove the stems and collected in plastic containers for processing and packaging.

What About the Processing and Packaging?

1st Stage: Purify raisin with air (blowing) to clean debris from wood and leaves.
2nd Stage: Screening and sorting of defective fruit and choosing the right size.
3rd Stage: Wash the fruit with water
4th Stage: Dry with air
5th Stage: Sorting with Laser to detect any foreign objects.
6th Stage: Pack by removing air in various sizes of bags.